Anna Bini

Acclaimed Italian chef and restaurateur

Tailored to suit professional chefs or simply amateurs, they are held in France and in Italy. Anna will welcome you in the kitchen of her beautiful villa near Florence or come to your own place. Engaging and fun, prepare to be amazed by Anna's wonderful Tuscan dishes and stories!

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The restaurants

Primo piano

Primo Piano

The newest venture is located in the heart of the prestigious Bon Marche' boutique hall in central Paris. Opening onto a stylish terrace full of greenery, this is the place where to enjoy an unforgettable gourmet experience at the restaurant or host a perfectly catered-for private event.

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Casa Bini

Casa Bini

Anna's first restaurant opened in 1989 on a quiet side street just moments from Boulevard Saint-Germain. It is one of the oldest and still among the best Italians in Paris and has received a wealth of recognitions through its 23 years of activity.

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Monthy recipe

"Arrosto all'arancia" Braised Veal with Orange Sauce

Methods: Begin by cutting up into cubes the onions, carrots and celery and keep them aside. Take the loin and tie it for a roast, in a cage form. Take a pan and place some olive oil along with butter, following with the diced vegetables along with meat and allow to cook on high flame, making sure to turn the loin on all sides making sure that they are all cooked. Take the white wine and place it to cook with the meat, allowing it to evaporate. Place one ladle of stock and place in the pot, allowing the meat to cook on low flame for approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30. Make sure that in this time you add slowly the remaining stock when you start to see the meat drying itself out. Once the meat is cooked take the loin and wrap it in aluminium foil, to allow the meat to maintain heat. Now take the orange and grate the zine, followed by the juice of two oranges. Take the vegetables used to cook the meat and grind with a mixer, placing the mixture back in a pan along with the grated zine, juice, and brandy. Allow this to boil for a minute or two, until the sauce reduces. Before serving, take a slice or two of roast, and top with a tablespoon of sauce. Buon Appetito!

Arrosto all'arancia 
Braised Veal with Orange Sauce 
1 kg of veal loin, 2 celery, 200g carrots, 1 onion, the grind of 1 orange, juice of 2 oranges, 40g butter, 100ml white wine, 1 litre of meat stock, extra olive virgin oil, 50ml brandy.