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Experience Florence by boat

During the three-hour boat tour of Florence, you will learn more of the history, art and culture that has grown within the city for hundreds of years. Such a beautiful and romantic city deserves an unforgettable tour, which is why your tour guide shows you the city from the river in a traditional gondola-style Barchetto boat, taking in sights such as Ponte Vecchio and the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella along the way.

The city’s beautiful architecture, picturesque setting and artistic legacy all contribute to the city’s reputation as one of the country’s greatest treasures and a portal to Renaissance Italy, all of which you’ll find out about in greater detail thanks to your tour guide who will accompany you on your journey.

Your relaxing tour of Florence concludes with an authentic Italian espresso at one of the city’s many famous and historic cafés.

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime activity and then retreat to one of our hand-picked villas near Florence to call your own throughout your stay.

Florence and the River Arno

Florence owes much of its historic importance to its central-running river, the Arno, which has been a pathway for the city since the time of the Romans.

Today you can discover Florence’s rich, historic past by travelling along that same river that helped play a vital part in the city’s history, in your very own Barchetto boat tour.

Find out more about our experiences and discover more about what to do in the outdoors of Italy.

Schedule details

The Tour starts at either 9:30 am or 4:00 pm and will last 3 hours.
The guide will meet you in Florence  and she can start the tour with the Barchetto experience or also with the walking tour, it depends from the Boat availaibility.
Between the Barchetto experience and the walking tour whe/he will take you to an historical Cafè to taste a good Italian expresso.
The tour will end 3 hours later with the guide that will bring you back where you met at the beginning of the tour.

* Recommended for adults and children of any age.


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Call us on +44 20 7684 8884 to speak with one of our experts or send us an email

Experience details

From € 460.00 for 2 persons

  •   Half day
  •   Available from May to September
  •   Min 2 persons - Max 16 persons.
  •   Languages: All Languages
  •   Child friendly
  •  Transport is not included in the price
  •   Included in the price:Private Barchetto ride and Private guide

  • Tour category: Culture Great outdoors

No(*) £(*) $
2 persons€460.00£372.60$533.60
3 persons€474.00£383.94$549.84
4 persons€488.00£395.28$566.08
5 persons€490.00£396.90$568.40
6 persons€492.00£398.52$570.72
7 persons€504.00£408.24$584.64
8 persons€560.00£453.60$649.60
9 persons€576.00£466.56$668.16
10 persons€600.00£486.00$696.00
11 persons€638.00£516.78$740.08
12 persons€672.00£544.32$779.52
13 persons€702.00£568.62$814.32
14 persons€728.00£589.68$844.48
15 persons€750.00£607.50$870.00
16 persons€768.00£622.08$890.88

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  •   Note: Transport is not included in the price.