Priority checklist

Picking a perfect house for you and your group is not an easy task, especially if it is the first time travelling to Italy or renting a private villa. We have provided a checklist below with useful tips based on what we believe our clients should consider when choosing a villa which will meet all expectations.

  • How many guests are in your party? What type of bedrooms do they need?

  • Are there any small children in your party, or guests who will have difficulty with steps? If so, you may also prefer a swimming pool with steps rather than a ladder.

  • Consider the importance of multiple living areas if you are a large group, both indoors and out. Would you prefer to be under one roof or enjoy the privacy and flexibility of an extra kitchen, a guesthouse or even a separate villa nearby?

  • Is it important for you to be able to walk to shops and restaurants? A car is a must in most locations, but there are a few villas with access to public transportation nearby.

  • If sightseeing is a priority then you'll want to be within a reasonable distance of places of interest. If quiet days spent reading or lounging by the swimming pool are more important, you may prefer a spot off the beaten track.

  • If this is your first visit to Italy, you may wish to consider one of our properties with an English-speaking caretaker who can provide sight-seeing and restaurant tips in addition to other useful information on the local area whilst you are at the villa.

  • The location of your villa will affect the cost of amenities in the nearby area and extra services available at the villa - the hourly rate for a maid or cook in the Chianti is considerably more than in rural Umbria.

  • If your ideal holiday means never having to set foot in a kitchen then you may want to consider a fully-staffed property or one which is set in a town or village with an ample choice of restaurants.

  • Rustic charm is not for everyone; older houses often include more traditional facilities, albeit carefully looked after, however these may not be as efficient as modern utilities. If the success of your holiday depends on utilities at the villa, you may be happier in a modern villa or one that has been more than just "cosmetically" restored.

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