Charities that TN&M supports: Mani Amiche in Guatemala

TN&More is a sponsor of the NGO, "Mani Amiche" (Friendly Hands), based in Sarteano, Tuscany, and which has been operating in Guatemala since 1988 to assist children with single mothers, or abandoned women without economic resources and without family support.

Mani Amiche

TN&M and "Mani Amiche"

The organisation has been NGO status since 1993 for the implementation of programs in the short and medium term in developing countries. In 2002 it was recognized as suitable for the selection, training and deployment of volunteers in the civil service and to provide on-site training for citizens of developing countries.

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In 1994, Mani Amiche built a village in Guatemala, offering temporary accommodation for single mothers and widows in addition to providing a safe haven where their children can be educated in a fair and healthy environment. This village includes a nursery, kitchen/cantine, after-school common room and a general purpose recreation hall. They have recently added a paediatrician and a clinic in addition to offices and houses for the volunteers. Children and mothers can stay here for up to 3 years, in which time children are schooled and subsequently sponsored or adopted long-distance, so as to provide them with the necessary economic means to continue their studies. The mothers are then able to pursue studies of their own or complete training in order to re-enter professional life. Orphans at the centre may remain until they are entirely self-sufficient.

Alongside this project, the organization has also built a Pre-school to nurture children who have been denied early-education and a Student's headquarters for those that do not have the chance to study within their own communities.

Since May 2000, it also operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo through adoptions, scholarships and micro-projects. Amongst the achievements of the organisation are the following:

  • Updating medical equipment in hospitals located in the Great Lakes region, utilising material donated by the Health Service in Siena, Tuscany.
  • An aqueduct that has been providing clean water to the town of Kipese (North Kivu, Congo) since 2005.
  • A project for educational development which provides scholarships at the Graben Catholic University located in Butembo, focused on providing higher education to women who have had to abandon their studies due to economic strife.
  • A long-distance adoption program for the children of Bunyuka (North Kivu) orphanage.
  • An assistance project in collaboration with the Centre for Nutrition and education "Pietro Bonilli" in Magheria.

Tools for effective aid are sponsorships and scholarships. This aid is aimed at preventing child malnutrition and child neglect, to ensure a healthy lifestyle, access to healthcare, proper nutrition and the right to study with the firm belief that education is essential for the full realization of the person.

The Center Manos Amigas in Guatemala paved the way for the Cooperative Ixim Ixoqui Mujeres De Maiz, sustained by the young women who have resided at the Centre. The cooperative creates tailored objects and clothing which are then sold here in Italy, either via the Association or during a visit.

How can you help?

  • Become a member of the organization.
  • Contribute an annual fee of €1095 for the adoption of a child in either Guatemala of in Democratic Republic of Congo
  • By offering scholarships to the most willing and deserving students.
  • Donating educational material or equipment for our laboratories.
  • You can also donate fixed project amounts that include; €3.000 for the construction of house, €2.000 for a classroom, €6.000 for a laboratory or €12.000 for the construction of a well.

You can also support us by donating a small amount

Donations can be made to the following bank account: IBAN IT 50 M 01030 72030 000000271373

Please add if donating from abroad: BIC/SWIFT PASCI TM 1S70

TN&M is proud to collaborate with a selection of Charities in a variety of fields, both in Italy and around the world. Whether through a donation or by offering one of our Villas, we strive to do as much as we possibly can to help these just causes which tirelessly offer assistance to those who are less advantaged.

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Mani Amiche

TN&More donates 10% of its annual net profits to the NGO, Mani Amiche which is based in Sarteano, Tuscany. The non-profit organization has been operating in Guatemala since 1988 to aiding children to teenage mothers, single mothers as women deserted by their family and without economic resources.

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