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The chef: Simona Ferrari

Born in the coastal town of La Spezia, her deep love for cooking was transmitted from her grandmother who has passes on traditional recipes.

Learning To Cook Authentic Italian Pasta With Simona

Simona’s cookery sessions are eminently practical and focus on dishes that use ingredients that you can easily source when you’re back at home. If you spend a little time with Simona you’ll soon be able to prepare wonderful fresh pasta and the famous Ligurian pesto that combines fresh basil with nuts and cheese. The simplicity of the food belies the extraordinary flavours produced and, rest assured, you can’t buy anything this good in a jar or packet!  

Naturally Simona can help you prepare many different dishes depending on your tastes or requirements but do make sure that you attend to the basics of pasta making - your friends and family will be singing your praises for many years to come.

Cooking classes with chef Simona
Cooking classes with chef Simona

Discover The Art of Pasta With Simona Ferrari

Aside from a thoroughly practical background in Italian cuisine she has twice participated in the "La Dolce Vita" exhibition in London and has made the definitive documentary about the Cinque Terre, where she demonstrates the art of making fresh pasta and the traditional handmade Ligurian pesto that are her signature dishes. Like all the chefs associated with Tuscany Now and More, Simona takes enormous care selecting only the freshest and the very best seasonal ingredients with which to weave her culinary magic!

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Discover the unique charm of the market and the secrets of the local Italian country cooking