The cooking team Pippo and Guia doesn’t just share a love for cooking but also a beautiful 40 years friendship.

They usually say that food is their passion and that the kitchen is their reign! But what makes them special and proud of their job is the will to make everybody happy with their amazing meals.

Chef Services: Cooking classes | Private chef catering | Prepared meal delivery
Languages: English | Italian
Specialties: Classic cuisine | Regional cuisine | Truffles | Game | Seafood | Fresh pasta | Bread & Pastry | Desserts

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Pippo & Guia

pippo & Guia

The secrets of Florence's traditions

"We enjoy good flavours and traditional recipes"

3 Simple & Heartwarming Recipes

These three Florentine recipes are simple, heartwarming, and will reveal the secrets of Florence's traditions handed down through countless generations.

Peposo alla Fornacina

Peposo alla Fornacina

A peppery Tuscan beef stew invented by Brunelleschi to fuel the soul of his workers during the construction of the Duomo's cupola.

Pollo in Fricassea

Pollo in Fricassea

 Braised chicken breasts in a deliciously creamy, tangy sauce — a favourite of Catherine de'Medici.  

La Francesina

La Francesina

A tasty and filling dish that uses leftover boiled beef, sauteed with onions. (N.B You'll need a chunk of Tuscan bread to mop up the sauce!).

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