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Like you, we are very concerned about the ongoing Coronavirus situation. The circumstances surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 are unique and constantly changing. We therefore monitor the situation and all developments closely.

Events are unfolding rapidly in Italy and the rest of the world, with everyone affected in different ways. As well as you, our valued clients, we also check in regularly with the owners of villas we represent; our permanent and temporary staff in Italy, Spain and the UK; and the many people and small businesses in Italy which depend on Tuscany Now & More for their livelihood. We also fully appreciate our clients come from many different countries, each issuing their own advisories and measures in response to the outbreak.

In light of this, we strive to offer as much flexibility as we can to you, but also to safeguard everyone’s well-being. Our team is working hard to offer the best solutions possible within the parameters of what’s viable for our company — and what is fair for our employees, our local suppliers and our villa owners, all of whom rely on us economically. We want to continue welcoming you to Italy for many years to come — and so do they.

This page has been added to our website to provide information on how we are acting in response to this unprecedented scenario. We also welcome you to contact our office with any queries.


What options do I have for my booking?

At this challenging time, we of course understand you are wondering whether you will be able to travel this year. The unfolding scenario puts us and millions of others around the world in uncharted territory (to say the least). We are doing all we can to remain up to date with our colleagues on the ground in Italy and across the rest of the travel industry.

The TN&M team is working with our clients and house owners to offer as much flexibility as we can. The options we now offer are as follows:

For all bookings in 2020

If you have booked a villa with us for travel dates in 2020, we offer you the chance to postpone payment of your balance until four weeks (28 days) before the start date of your stay, instead of the usual 9 weeks. If, in the four weeks preceding your arrival date, your holiday with us is affected by international travel bans enforced by your national government or lockdowns / border closures by Italy so your unable to travel, you shall not have to pay the balance due and we offer you the possibility to reschedule your holiday to alternative available dates in 2020 or 2021 at the same villa (please note that seasonal/annual price changes may be applicable). In case you are not able to advise new dates straight away, we shall issue a voucher for use within the end of 2021.

If you haven't yet contacted us to discuss your upcoming holiday, please get in touch as soon as possible. Call us on +44 (0)20 73684 8884, or if you're in the US or Canada, on our toll-free number: 1-800-469-4546

PLEASE NOTE: Before confirming anything with us directly, please first check with your travel insurance provider to understand what effect, if any, a change of dates might have on the coverage of your insurance policy.

Coronavirus FAQs

We have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions to address the most common queries we receive. Please note the answers may be subject to change as the situation develops, so we will continue to update these FAQs as and when necessary. At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of useful links which provide further insight.

How is Tuscany Now & More handling the Coronavirus pandemic as a company?

1. We are first and foremost concerned with the well-being of our clients and our staff. The majority of our team is now working from home as we try to contribute to slowing the spread of the virus through social distancing. We are still open for business, however, and you can contact us through all the usual channels.

2. For health recommendations and travel advice/restrictions, we are following the official policies of governments and international agencies (such as the FCO and WHO).

3. We are monitoring the situation on daily basis and adapting our approach as events unfold. We are offering as much flexibility as we can to our clients with solutions which are fair and satisfactory to all concerned: our clients, villa owners, TN&M staff and local partners. This unique and unprecedented scenario is affecting everyone; we are making these decisions in exceptional circumstances. We will do everything possible to evaluate and accommodate each individual situation. We thank you for your patience and cooperation in these testing times. 

4. We are in constant contact with our villa owners, who have begun working on the garden and outdoor areas of the houses in preparation for the season. This will ensure that, when it is again possible to travel, each of our villas will be ready for clients to enjoy.

Can I visit Italy at the moment?

No. Italy is currently in nationwide lockdown until April 14th. The measures taken by the Italian authorities are rapidly changing: we will keep this updated to reflect any changes.

As of March 17th, 2020, the European Union introduced an initial 30-day restriction on non-essential travel from non-EU countries into the EU's Schengen area, which includes Italy. Even if you are an EU citizen, travel within the Union is severely restricted and many countries are in national lockdown. 

What will happen after the 30-day travel ban has elapsed? We will update our answer here as soon as we have more news.

What if I just want to cancel my booking, rather than reschedule it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for Coronavirus-related cancellations. The cancellation policy listed below will apply. In this situation, we would recommend you first contact your travel insurance provider.

·         If we receive your cancellation request over 28 days from your rental start date: Loss of all monies paid.

·         If we receive your cancellation request 28 days or less from your rental start date: Loss of 100% of rental price.

PLEASE NOTE: The 28-day period prior to arrival replaces the standard 9 weeks as stated in our standard booking conditions.

I’m still planning on travelling later in the year. Do you have any practical advice?

We advise you always follow your government’s official travel guidelines and check if they recommend any specific precautions.

Will my travel insurance cover me if I cancel my booking?

This will depend on your insurance policy. Please check your policy documents and contact your insurance provider directly should you have any doubts.

Should I buy travel insurance for future trips?

Yes. We always recommend you take out travel insurance. There are many policies out there which cover different aspects of travel. The current situation has focused many people's attention on Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance. When choosing a policy, we recommend you check carefully exactly what is covered and precisely how the terms and conditions apply.

If my country's government does not advise against non-essential travel but we are worried about Coronavirus due to pre-existing medical conditions, what should I do?

First of all, we would recommend you consult your doctor for advice. Then — and forgive us for any repetition — we advise you contact your travel insurance provider to check how you are covered. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any supporting documentation you may need, or if we can provide any further assistance.

Our flights have been cancelled. What should I do?

We suggest contacting your airline. You will be able to reschedule flights for a later date or be issued a voucher for future use.

My country is not currently advising against non-essential travel but I can’t afford to go into quarantine on my return.  What should I do?

This is another one for your travel insurance provider. We will do what we can to help, in terms of providing supporting documentation. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require assistance.

What are you doing to prepare your villas for Coronavirus prevention?

We are following all the recommendations and best practice guidelines issued by governments, health authorities and international agencies. We take all possible precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests. In particular:

1. Our Local Concierges are fully briefed and are collaborating with villa owners on all Coronavirus-related issues.

2. Extra deep cleaning — above and beyond our already stringent hygiene standards — is being organised for each villa. The villas themselves are being sanitized and have been closed since October 2019.

3. Staff working in our villas have all been issued with Coronavirus hygiene guidelines.

4. We are equipping all our villas with special health and hygiene advice sheets. Sheets and towels provided are all sourced through licensed companies which provide sanitized linen and towels for hotels and adhere to stringent hygiene standards.

5. Each villa has been provided with a good supply of hand sanitizer.

6. We have contingency plans in place should cases of Coronavirus be reported at our villas or in the immediate surroundings.

7. As usual, our guests can contact our Local Concierges 24/7 for advice, reassurance and practical help. They are on the ground and they have the know-how and contacts to deal with all kinds of situation.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this unprecedented situation. We remain optimistic that united we will overcome these obstacles.

As lovers of Italy and all things Italian, we hope that normality will return soon to this beautiful country and the rest of the world.

Our warmest wishes,

Simon, Barbara & all the TN&M Team


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