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The chef: Mattisse

A multilingual personal chef based in the Chianti

When it comes to having gastronomic experiences in Tuscany, a sure success option is to hire Mattisse, a multilingual personal chef based in the Chianti. He will help you develop a gourmet's understanding of how to prepare and enjoy fine meals and how to handle and appreciate wine.

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Enjoy cooking with chef Mattisse

Chef Mattisse

Cooking classes

Don your apron, roll up your sleeves and follow the Maestro into the kitchen. Nothing will taste better than your very own Italian gourmet creation! More information.

Dinner with Chef Mattisse

Dinner for two

The ultimate romantic dining experience in the whole land of Tuscany, a recipe for ever-lasting love. More information.

pasta festival

Pasta festival

The cornerstone of Italian cuisine. Delicious, healthy and incredibly versatile. The perfect family feast, Italian style. More information.

Mattisse recipe

Saltimbocca ('Jump in the mouth')

This is a great, quick and tasty recipe, but you need, like always, the best ingredients. The meat portions should not be too big, otherwise how could they spring in your mouth?
Cut the meat in portions, pepper them (no salt), cut the ham in equal portions and set it one by one on the meat pieces, put a sage leaf in the middle of every portion, clamp and press it together with your fingers and fix with a toothpick.
Heat up the oil in a large pan, cover the meat pieces with flour and panfry them 1-2 minutes on each side, add the Marsala slowly and bring it to boil, lighten it and flambé until the sauce is nicely caramelized, now correct salt and serve hot.
Ingredients for 4 or 5:
Veal or beef sliced very thinly (to get 3-4 Saltimbocca per persons), raw ham (unsmoked), 1 fresh sage leave per portion, 1 cup medium dry Marsala (no egg Marsala, but you can use Vinsanto, Sherry, Port or Sake instead), flour, olive oil, salt and pepper, toothpicks.