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9 Outrageously Beautiful Rental Houses featuring Villa Zambonina

Jan 27, 2017 Written by: Hannah Stacpoole for Tatler magazine
Villa Zambonina

Tatler magazine list of amazing house around the world, returning out very own Villa Zambonina.

Villa Zambonina

Ah, fair Verona. This 17th-century Romeo and Juliet-style Palladian villa, situated in the Italian hills, is as authentic as it gets. Think vast frescos and Instagram-worthy interiors that look as though they’ve been plucked straight out of an Italian Renaissance painter’s palette. Book it with 20 of your closest pals for weekend of rosé-sipping and long lunches. Expect to come home with not just a love of Verona, but also a substantial amount of weight gain.

From £3,839 per week from Tuscany Now and More

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