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How to Rent a European Villa (and Not Go Broke)

Sep 23, 2015 Written by: Stephanie Rosenbloom for New York Times
Il Gorgacce villa

Venture farther afield Reputable rental companies make it clear when a property is a bit remote. In addition to tranquillity, such homes generally come with lower prices. A three-bedroom stone farmhouse with a fireplace, pool and a dining loggia, described on Tuscany Now and More as “off the beaten track” in Umbria (near Cortona), starts at $1,514 a week, or around $216 a night. On James Villa Holidays, a two-bedroom villa with a pool in Arbucies, part of the Costa Brava, was also referred to as “off the beaten track” with “views to the high mountain peaks of the Montseny Natural Park.” Prices during a recent search started about $1,172 a week, or $167 a night. I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho that was more expensive.

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