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Nowhere does hospitality like Podere Brogi

May 05, 2017 Written by: Fong Chau for Red online
Podere Brogi

While staying at Podere Brogi is a luxury villa like no other read about Fong Chau stay and review of the villa.

A little slice of Italian heaven

Nowhere does hospitality like Italy. And at the Podere Brogi Villa, the famed classic, Italian welcome is taken up a notch.

Imagine arriving at your very own villa to be greeted by a fresh home-cooked meal. And then imagine that that meal included the best lasagne you’ve ever tasted in your life, and you’re close to this experience.
It’s a home away from home, if your home was a luxurious villa, set over almost 10 hectares acres with a pool, private vineyard and bathrooms you could happily die in.

Walking trails run throughout the property ideal for those wishing to explore the estate.

The area itself is remote. The nearest train station is 5 miles away so you’d need to hire a car to get around, but it’s the ideal place for big family gatherings, hen parties or a girlie holiday with your best friends.
The kitchen is huge, so the risk of getting under anyone’s feet is minimal. And each bedroom has its own bathroom – though only one has its own tub. The rest boast huge showers that you could happily spend hours in. When you’re not in the infinity pool or taking a walk and enjoying the stunning views of its hilly and luscious garden that is.
But if even that sounds like too much work, then merely relax in the drawing room with a glass of rich Chianti Classico, the supple leather sofas cushioning you in bliss. It’s the perfect place to retire after that enormous lasagne.


The bedrooms are all huge with masses of storage and luxurious fittings.
The location is stunning and peaceful – there’s no one else around.


You will need a car or a driver to get around.

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