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Top Three: Getaways for groups, I Corbezzoli

Apr 15, 2015 Escapism magazine
I Corbezzoli, villa in Chianti

Villa rental is a surprisingly affordable way to holiday. We've rounded up some spectacular villas to rent in Cornwall, Italy and Greece 

What's £4,800 divided by 20 divided by 7? It's a steal, that's what. Especially when we're talking in mega-nice villa holiday terms. Gather up a load of your mates, split the costs, and make your holiday a group one.  Here's some inspiration. 

Natural Retreats, Rock, Cornwall 

Natural Retreats' new handpicked collection of properties in Rock and North Cornwall mean less faff, more fun. So forget administrative woes like co-ordinating dates and people, Natural Retreats take care of all that, and when you book into one of their properties (cottages, castles, farmhouses etc) they'll even send you lists of the best pubs to enjoy nearby. That's considerate. From £1,225 for a seven night stay. 

I Corbezzoli, Tuscany, Italy  

Set in the heart of Chianti, a serious wine and gourmet region in Italy, this property even comes with professional caterers who'll put your lasagne to shame. Let's talk figures – Tuscany Now rents this for £9,563 for one week, sleeping 22 people. Sounds pricey, but with a few long divisions we've calculated that as £62 per night, each. Can we come? 

Okeanos Villas, Lefkada, Greece 

These villas are perched at the top of a cliff on the unspoiled Greek island of Lefkada. Never heard of it? It's a tiny one on the west coast of the country, in the Ionian Sea. The beaches are crazy pretty, but the villas (sleeping eight) have their own infinity pools, so you may never leave (the villa, that is – you need to check out at some point). From £1,750 for a seven night stay. 


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