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Tuscany Now announce the launch of Tuscany Now & More

Jan 20, 2016 Beijing Review
Tuscany Now and More Launch 2016

After 25 years we are changing our name but our commitment to offer exquisite villas in Tuscany remains the same.

After 25 years of success, Tuscany Now is thrilled to announce the launch of Tuscany Now & More for the 2016 season.The company has introduced a collection of 30 curated experiences in Tuscany with intentions to expand across Italy, enriching their portfolio of exquisite rental properties and intuitive service Guests will be mesmerized as Italian hospitality meets bespoke, ultra-personalised and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as viewings of the Sistine Chapel by moonlight and an 800 year old Sienese tradition from a prestigious terrace. The essence of these itineraries assures guests will not simply be offered a place to stay, but rather a directory of must-see experiences for a truly avant-qarde Italian break. Tuscany Now & More

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