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Villa Ciclopica,  A luxury private home with a private swimming pool overlooking the Tuscan Coast

Jul 31, 2018 Written by: Amina Maz for Luxury network
Ciclopica villa

Villa Ciclopica, A luxury private home with a private swimming pool overlooking the Tuscan Coast 

Ciclopica hosted by Tuscany Now and More is one of the most sophisticated villas available to rent on the Tuscan Coast; recently restored and converted into a luxury private home with a private swimming pool, air-conditioned bedrooms, gym, sauna, billiard room and well-equipped kitchen. The stunning views of the sea and coastline exceed all expectations and are simply unique. Located only 3 Km/ 2 Miles from the pretty coastal town Porto Ercole, it is an exceptional blend of typical hillside Tuscany and suave seaside charm.  

Ready and packed standing at the gates waiting to board the plane to Roma, I tried to contain my excitement with the prospect of 3 days of bliss in the sunny Tuscan Coast. A smooth landing 2hours and 30mins later we arrived to Roma and were met with our lovely larger than life private driver Arian who made sure our drive was as comfortable as possible with air conditioning and WiFi. A stopover for a quick picnic lunch. We nibbled on freshly made sandwiches, salad and fruit - my then first taste of Italian produce before continuing the journey to the Villa.  

The beautiful scenic landscape and winding roads led to the gates with the sign ’No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again’ — which made for a good giggle and sure enough any security concerns laid to rest. We were met with the lovely on site team Maria and her husband who showed us the grounds of Villa Ciclopica.  

Ciclopica’s spanning acres of land, onsite vineyard and the main house with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms is able to accommodate up-to a maximum of 12 people. Dining options are vast with a well equipped modern kitchen, a large BBQ area on the lower ground and outside dining table overlooking the swimming pool and the coastline lined with luxury yachts. 

I went on to explore the property and picked the ground floor suite; an adjoining living area and bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The traditional rustic decor suited the environment perfectly; a comfortable bed with heated sheet technology, a sofa, television, wardrobe and safe box with direct access to the outside terrace covered by the pergola. 

A quick shower and clothes change later, I joined the rest of the team at the private poolside where I could take in the beautiful coastal fresh breeze. After catching the rays, it was time to get ready for the evening dinner with a 3 course meal cooked by the wonderful Maria. A truly splendid evening with great tasting food catered to every guest’s dietary requirements. 

A private cooking class can be arranged in the home of the Villa with a local chef. An absolute must, for families or a romantic activity for couples speaking from my cooking experience with Chef Pia. The strawberry tarts were a sure favourite! 

A tour of Petra Winery can also be arranged, the architectural beauty designed by Mario Botta in 2003, a Swiss architect is truly magnificent. A walk through the impressive wine cellars with a fully competent guide who is on hand to answer any questions. Followed by a intimate private dining area overlooking the vineyards and a 4 course meal whilst tasting a fine selection of Petra Wines which I would highly recommend. 

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