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The work of Art at Santi Terzi

Mar 14, 2018 High Life British Airways
Santi Terzi villa

Santi Terzi is picked as one of the world’s best villas to visit by British Airways High Life.

Santi Terzi, Umbria, Italy Sleeps 20, in nine bedrooms From £3,806 per week.

Once home to the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, this period palazzo has been described as ‘an Italian Hogwarts’-though it’s hard to imagine.

Dumbledore on such a sun-soaked holiday. The furnishings are modern, but the high ceilings are beamed, and the swimming pool is partially sheltered by a colonnade. Climb the mediaeval tower through a trapdoor for 360° views over San Gemini, where cars are largely banned.

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