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Experience the Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is known the world over as a home of superb Italian artwork. Appropriately found in Florence, widely accepted to be the spiritual home of the Renaissance, the gallery is home to a number of masterpieces including works by Botticelli, Michelangelo and da Vinci.

Your guide will take you through the gallery and tell you more about the history behind the artworks on display, and the building itself which was completed in the 16th century for Cosimo I de’ Medici.

Enjoy this unique tour of the Uffizi and Florence and then retreat to one of our hand-picked villas near Florence to call your own during your stay.

Discover the Florence Squares

After your visit to the world-famous gallery, you can relax with an authentic Italian coffee before taking in the sights of one of Florence’s most distinguishing features- the Florentine squares. Florence’s squares set the scene for some of Europe’s most iconic buildings which proudly show the city’s history through buildings from a number of different centuries.

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Schedule details

The Tour starts at either 9:30 am or 3:00 pm and will last 3 hours.
The guide will meet you close to the Uffizi Gallery.

She/ he will bring you without queue directly into the Museum and show you the gallery containing some of the most important paintings all over the world.

After the promenade into the Uffizi Gallery he/ she will take you to the squares that “adorn” Florence.
The tour will end 3 hours later with the guide that will bring you back where you met at the beginning of the tour.

* Recommended for adults and children of any age.

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Call us on +44 20 7684 8884 to speak with one of our experts or send us an email

Experience details

From € 440.00 for 2 persons

  •   Half day
  •   Not on Monday
  •   Min 2 persons - Max 20 persons.
  •   Languages: All Languages
  •   Child friendly
  •  Transport is not included in the price
  •   Included in the price:including Uffizi and private guide

  • Tour category: Culture

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2 persons€440.00£356.40$510.40
3 persons€465.00£376.65$539.40
4 persons€500.00£405.00$580.00
5 persons€525.00£425.25$609.00
6 persons€552.00£447.12$640.32
7 persons€595.00£481.95$690.20
8 persons€672.00£544.32$779.52
9 persons€720.00£583.20$835.20
10 persons€750.00£607.50$870.00
11 persons€792.00£641.52$918.72
12 persons€828.00£670.68$960.48
13 persons€871.00£705.51$1010.36
14 persons€910.00£737.10$1055.60
15 persons€945.00£765.45$1096.20
16 persons€976.00£790.56$1132.16
17 persons€1020.00£826.20$1183.20
18 persons€1044.00£845.64$1211.04
19 persons€1102.00£892.62$1278.32
20 persons€1160.00£939.60$1345.60

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  •   Note: Transport is not included in the price.