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The chef: Francesco

Your personal chef in the Chianti area

Francesco Marrucelli was born in Florence and his first memories of cooking are fondly linked to his grandparents’ tavern.

His first steps into the professional field were at Catering Guidi Lenci, where he honed his experimental attitude, but nonetheless remained committed to keeping traditions alive through high-quality ingredients.

Forte dei Marmi, Florence, London and the United States; just a few of the places where he’s had the opportunity to showcase his Italian heritage and love for traditional food.

Francesco recipe

Panna Cotta

Melt the jelly leaves in cold water for 10-15 minutes.
Fill the vanilla pod in the direction of the length and extract the seeds by scraping with the tip of a knife and put in a pan the liquid cream, then pour the sugar.Flavored with vanilla seeds and also insert the pod; Warm all over, but without boiling; So when the cream comes to the boil, turn off the fire and extract the vanilla pan.
When the gelatin is softened, scrape it without wringing excessively, then immerse it in the pan with warm cream. Mix with a spoon or hand whisk until gelatine has completely dissolved; There must be no lumps. At this point, take 6 stamps of the capacity of 125 ml and pour the whipped cream.
Ingredients for 6 people
Liquid fresh cream 500 ml, Vanilla pod, Foil gelatin 6gr, Sugar 60gr