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Wine & More Italian Drinks

We created these pages to help you really Discover Italy. Journalists Donald Strachan and Steve Keenan — who visit several times every year — have gathered a rich crop of local stories and written destination guides to help you make the most of your vacation. As they say in Italy, “Buon viaggio!”

An Introduction to Tuscan Wine

Tuscany produces about 5 percent of Italian wine production by volume, but more than 10 percent of total value. In other words, the wine here is good — very good. Expert Gary White provides a guided tour through this region’s oenological past and present, to help sort your Chiantis and Montepulcianos from the Montalcinos and Super-Tuscans.

The History of Chianti Wine

Tradition and millennia of viticulture put the Chianti hills on every wine connoisseur’s bucket list. This is one of the most famous grape-growing regions on the planet. Our short guide takes a whizz through its heritage, from Chianti’s official “birthday” in 1716 to sub-regions, Super-Tuscans, the Black Rooster and more.

Chianti's Famous Wine

Chianti wine has a couple thousand years of history going for it, but that’s not all. Modern Chianti tastes better than it ever has. Why? Our guide explains the entire winemaking process, from harvest and fermentation to bottling, blending and aging. If you want a crash course in what makes Chianti so special, read on.

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