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Who are TN&M®?

With our in-depth knowledge of all of our properties we will find the perfect villa for you and your guests

Our promise: The finest Italian villas

At Tuscany Now&More®, we think of ourselves as a family. Maybe this is because the business grew from an actual family. Our story begins in 1966, when Simon’s parents buy a house in the Tuscan countryside outside Florence. The whole family moves there in 1973, and Simon studies art and architecture close to home, in the stunning Renaissance city. There he meets Barbara, a Florentine who later becomes his wife. The seeds of Tuscany Now® are planted… but it won’t grow just yet.

By 1985, Simon and his siblings have moved away from the family home and his parents make a big decision. They’ll rent their house. It makes no sense for such a beautiful place to stand empty when others can enjoy it, too. For five years, agents rent the property to holidaymakers chasing their own slice of the Tuscan good life.

Yet, nothing about the deal seemed fair. Agencies took a big chunk — often in return for doing very little. Simon’s parents got less than they deserved. Travellers ended up paying more than they should. This is the final push that Simon, Barbara and the family need to start Tuscany Now®.

So, in 1990, Tuscany Now® begins with one house. Their house. It also begins with an ethos. Our customers should pay a fair price. The owners of these unique Tuscan properties must get a fair rental, much of which they plough right back into preserving their beautiful homes. And as an agency, we never expect something for nothing. We’ll earn our share with the service we provide. This ethos lives on.

Over three decades, many Tuscany Now® guests have made a connection with the people, landscapes, food, wine and traditions of Tuscany. But that doesn’t mean we have been 100% traditional. We were the first UK travel company online. We were the first company to advertise their website in the Sunday Times. We were the first UK travel site to try to reach new customers via Google’s AdWords service.

We work in partnership with our owners to help them develop their properties to surprise and delight travellers. Their stones may be old (some are very old), but these villas deliver a 21st-century experience. Every one has a private swimming pool.  You won’t see these properties advertised anywhere else. Every Tuscany Now® villa is exclusive to us.

Bedrooms in most are air conditioned (and believe us, many appreciate that in a Tuscan mid-August). We lead the way in offering fully-staffed villas in Italy, for the ultimate in relaxation.

In 2014, we re-launched as Tuscany Now&More®. Our big idea? Simply to offer more: locations beyond Tuscany — in Umbria and Portofino, outside Venice and Verona — and authentic Tuscan experiences. If you like the sound of wine-tasting with a Chianti vintner or truffle hunting in Tuscany’s bountiful chestnut woods, our travel concierges can arrange it. This dedicated English-speaking team is available in Italy, right through your stay, on the phone or via WhatsApp.

What else is different about Tuscany Now&More®? Well, many companies claim to visit every property they promote. We actually do. That’s one of the reasons we keep a small and focused portfolio.

If you have a specific question — and we mean really specific — about one of our villas, there will be a team member who can answer, because they’ve seen it with their own eyes. They are all Italian or long-standing Italophiles who know our villas and their surrounds intimately. We have our photographer, film-maker, web designers, and even the copywriter writing these words (I’m called Donald, by the way: Hi!) as guests in our villas. Everyone who works for or with us understands what we are about. We hope you will too. 

Almost 30 years since we began, we’re still a family; but we’ve grown a little. We have 17 staff split between our two offices in London and Barcelona. More than 400 more people help us with everything from pool cleaning to paperwork. And of course, there’s our 145 villa owners. Each of the exquisite properties on this website has a story as individual as our own — many of them centuries longer. We hope to make you part of it.

Every one of us is devoted to matching you with the perfect property and an ideal setting in the most beautiful country in the world: Italy. Give us a call or send us an email to and let us know how we can help.

Our awards

It’s humbling when the world’s most famous luxury travel magazine says you are the best at what you do.

We were thrilled to have placed 2nd in the worldwide Best Villa Rental Company category at the Condé Nast Traveller Magazine awards. This is our second year in a row, coming in well ahead of some much bigger operators, making us the leading Tuscany and Umbria villa agency in the Condé Nast list. 

Magazine readers had placed us in the top 10 for a few years running. It was an honour to climb even higher.

We are particularly pleased because it is magazine readers and our travellers who decide this award. We don’t have huge resources or millions of social media followers to ask for votes. We just have our handpicked Italian villas, expert travel concierges and personal service from start to finish.

So, thank you from all of us. We hope to continue to live up to — even exceed — these high expectations.

Condenast Traveller Readers Travel Awards 2019

Meet TN&M

Conde Nast Award winners Tuscany Now and More

Award winners

It’s humbling when the world’s most famous travel magazine says you’re the best at what you do. We recently placed 2nd in the worldwide Best Villa Rental Company category at the Condé Nast Traveller awards. We came in well ahead of some much bigger operators — the leading Tuscany and Umbria agency in Condé Nast’s list.

Tuscany Now villa owners

Meet our villa owners

Tuscany Now and More® would not be able to exist without the help of our extensive portfolio of villa owners. They are the people that have created the original, relaxed and welcoming feeling in every property that makes each and every villa feel unique and inviting. Their personal touches are part of what make the homes special, and by working closely with them we can assure that each property will exceed your expectations every single time.

Support staff Tuscany Now and More

Support staff

Support staff are provided by the Villa Owners to keep the private homes in pristine, working order. Whether they are maids, gardeners, tradesmen or caterers – they are all committed to making your holiday as trouble-free and functional as possible.

Our chefs Tuscany Now and More


For a touch of luxury and to make your stay truly memorable our hands-on specialists are available to make your experience in Italy complete. From lessons with professional chefs to personal gelato makers at your villa, we collaborate with some of the finest Italian maestros in the area to add the perfect touch to your stay.

Meet our team

Simon Simon Founder & CEO
Barbara Barbara Co-Founder
Fabrizio Fabrizio IT Manager
Roberto Roberto Financial Manager
Bradley Bradley Head of Digital Content & Photo Editor
Giovanni Giovanni Head of Marketing and Business Development
Sean Sean Villa Specialist
Alessio Alessio Villa Specialist
Giulia Giulia Villa Specialist
Cristina Cristina Property Account Manager
Sam Sam Accounts Executive
Jasmine Jasmine Junior Copywriter & Assistant Art Director
Mauro Mauro Photographer
Gaal Gaal Art Director & Creative Content Strategist
Alejandra Alejandra Webmaster & Web designer
Mariana Mariana Graphic Designer
Irina Irina Digital Marketing
Giorgia Giorgia Villa Specialist
Valeria Valeria Villa Specialist
Alex Alex Villa Specialist
Cristina D.P. Cristina D.P. Villa Specialist
Diana Diana Local Concierge

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Our London office

We are based in the centre of London on Highbury Grove, near Highbury & Islington. You are welcome to visit us by appointment and talk to one of the sales team during our office hour, which are between 09:00 and 18:00. Call us at +44 207 684 8884 .


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Benefit from 30 years experience

We encourage you to expect the most when choosing your villa and we are more than happy to help make sure that you get everything that you require. With our in-depth knowledge of all of our properties and the local areas, we will find the perfect villa for you and your guests.