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When you add the Ditta Artigianale ‘Taste Like a Pro’ Coffee Experience to your luxury villa holiday in Tuscany, you will learn to do just that — taste the full facets of coffee like a professional. Discover how to train your palate to the nuances of different tasting notes, acidity, sweetness, aromas and more in a workshop led by Simone Amenini at the Scuola del Caffè in the heart of Florence. Simone is the head barista at Ditta Artigianale, a speciality coffee roaster committed to total transparency, eco-sustainability and of course, only the highest quality coffee. 

Savour the full flavours of coffee in the heart of Florence 

The Ditta Artigianale ‘Taste Like a Pro’ Coffee Experience is an introductory course perfect for curious coffee lovers looking to broaden their tasting horizons. The world of coffee is rich, varied and vast; it embraces numerous countries of production, botanical varieties and processing methods. The experience will begin with an introduction to the origin and botany of coffee as well as the various methods of production, before moving on to an interactive coffee tasting inspired by professional equivalents. 

Under the expert guidance of Simone, you will be led on a tasting journey using the cupping method (something completely different from espresso and filter extractions!) A dozen different cups will be placed on the table in front of you, each with completely different ground coffee from all over the world. You will then get the chance to evaluate each coffee based solely on the aroma (scent) of the fresh grounds. To complete your immersive coffee tasting experience, you will then begin to sample infusions of the very same freshly ground coffee. To conclude the session, participants will be asked to fill out an evaluation form, estimating the quality of the coffee-based on various factors they have tested throughout the experience, just like a professional coffee taster. 

The Scuola del Caffè is housed in a beautifully renovated monastery; the interior is bright and modern while remaining sympathetic to the building’s sacred origins. Situated off the Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, the Scuola is the first of its kind to be housed in a coffee shop. It will nourish your mind with a fresh, unique perspective of Florence and provide an intimate peek into the masterful world of Italian coffee. 

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Schedule details

The Ditta Artigianale ‘Taste Like a Pro’ Coffee Experience starts at a time of your choosing during the Scuola del Caffè’s opening hours (10.00am - 6.00pm). It will last approximately one hour, beginning with an introduction to the origin, botany and production of coffee, followed by a coffee tasting using the professional cupping method and lighthearted evaluation.

  • Min 3  — Max 10 persons
  • Available from Monday to Friday (10.00am - 6.00pm)
  • School closed during August
  • Hour-long 
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Transport is not included in the price
  • Enquiries welcome for groups under three — prices may vary
Included in the price: Fresh coffee tasting using the cupping method with a head barista.

Experience details
Min 3 persons - Max 10 persons.
  • Available from January to December
  • Hour-long
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Transport is not included in the price
€ 75 for 3 people
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Price List:
Persons € Euro (*) £ Pounds (*) $ Dollars
3 person € 75 £ 69.75 $ 102
4 person € 100 £ 93 $ 136
5 person € 125 £ 116.25 $ 170
6 person € 150 £ 139.5 $ 204
7 person € 175 £ 162.75 $ 238
8 person € 200 £ 186 $ 272
9 person € 225 £ 209.25 $ 306
10 person € 250 £ 232.5 $ 340
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Note: Transport is not included in the price.
Or call us on +44 20 7684 8884 to speak with one of our experts

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