Slow down, unwind and give time to contemplating the luxurious landscapes of the Umbrian countryside in an immersive art retreat near Orvieto. Add a three-day art experience to your luxury villa rental near Orvieto and master the art of landscape painting from the privacy and seclusion of your villa grounds before venturing into the ancient city itself. 

Award-winning artist and instructor, Tanvi Pathare will guide you as you learn to paint en plein air (“outdoors”). When you stay in our luxury villas like Villa Clara, you will not only be surrounded by modern art-filled, bright interiors but will get to capture forever the view of Orvieto’s Golden Lily of Cathedrals which can be seen from the villa terrace. 

Tour Orvieto with an art expert 

After two days of learning how to render your iconic surroundings on canvas, spend the third and final day with Tanvi as she guides you through the centre of Orvieto. Get to know the city’s celebrated landmarks with an art expert on a trip to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale before admiring the vivid frescoes of Fra Angelico at Orvieto Cathedral. 

By the end of the workshop, you will not only have honed the inner artist in you, but you will also have produced a special souvenir from your time in Umbria. 

Find out more about art experiences in Italy as well as our favourite museums and galleries in Orvieto.
Schedule details

The first two days of painting at your luxury villa will begin at 10am. Tanvi will introduce you to landscape painting before providing you with your easel, paints and canvases. You will paint together until 1pm before breaking for a leisurely lunch alfresco and perhaps a quick dip in your private pool. You will return to your easels with Tanvi at 2:30pm and continue with your painting until 5:30pm, just in time for a refreshing aperitivo. 

On the third and final day, you will head into the heart of Orvieto and will be given a private tour of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and/or the Duomo. Spend the morning exploring before breaking for lunch. In the afternoon you can either continue your museum tour or walk through the historic centre to another of the city’s landmarks. 

  • Min. 2 persons — Max. 16 persons
  • Three full days 
  • 6 hours of painting each day 
  • Available from April to October
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Child-friendly 
  • Transport to museums is not included in the price
  • Included in the price: Admission to the Orvieto museums plus oil paints, brushes, palette, portable easel, canvas/wood panels, brush cleaning supplies. 

Experience details
Min 2 persons - Max 16 persons.
  • Available from April to October
  • Three full days
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Child friendly
  • Transport is not included in the price
Included in the price:
Admission to Orvieto’s museums/cathedral is included in the price. As are oil paints, brushes, palette, portable easel, canvas/wood panels and brush cleaning supplies. The brushes, palette, easel, and leftover paints are to be returned at the end of the experience.
€ 1550 for 2 people
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Price List:
Persons € Euro (*) £ Pounds (*) $ Dollars
2 person € 1,550.00 £ 1,317.50 $ 1,689.50
3 person € 1,701.00 £ 1,445.85 $ 1,854.09
4 person € 1,852.00 £ 1,574.20 $ 2,018.68
5 person € 2,000.00 £ 1,700.00 $ 2,180.00
6 person € 2,154.00 £ 1,830.90 $ 2,347.86
7 person € 2,303.00 £ 1,957.55 $ 2,510.27
8 person € 2,456.00 £ 2,087.60 $ 2,677.04
9 person € 2,601.00 £ 2,210.85 $ 2,835.09
10 person € 2,750.00 £ 2,337.50 $ 2,997.50
11 person € 2,904.00 £ 2,468.40 $ 3,165.36
12 person € 3,060.00 £ 2,601.00 $ 3,335.40
13 person € 3,211.00 £ 2,729.35 $ 3,499.99
14 person € 3,360.00 £ 2,856.00 $ 3,662.40
15 person € 3,525.00 £ 2,996.25 $ 3,842.25
16 person € 3,664.00 £ 3,114.40 $ 3,993.76
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Note: Transport is not included in the price.
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