This truly unique experience will reveal the hidden layers of Siena off the beaten path and immerse you in the rich traditions, history, and passion behind the famous Palio horse race that takes over the Piazza del Campo for four days each year. 

You will be welcomed into the home of Paola and Vittorio, a Sienese couple with deep roots in the city. Their home, a magnificent palazzo with an idyllic rooftop garden overlooking the Siena Duomo, is just minutes from Il Campo and has been in Vittorio’s family for generations. They open their doors to guests, sharing the stories of their home, the history of Siena, and their connections to the Palio so you can experience the famous horse race on a purely local level. If you are staying in one of our luxury villas in Tuscany and are looking for a completely one-of-a-kind way to experience Siena, we could not recommend this experience more. 

You can choose from various packages, including guided tours, lunch buffets, and exclusive dinners, each tailored to provide a unique and immersive experience of Siena's rich cultural heritage. Join Paola and Vittorio in their charming home, and let Altana di Tiberio be your gateway to authentic Siena. 

Choose from a 1,2,3 or 4-day experience of the Palio di Siena

Siena, often called ‘the city of details’, is a maze of narrow streets, hidden courtyards, and stunning architecture. Paola and Vittorio offer you the opportunity to see the city from a unique perspective with a guided city tour, a buffet lunch with 360° views of the Siena from their idyllic rooftop studio, and an optional formal dinner to cool off after the excitement of the horse racing. You can choose from just 1 day behind the scenes at the Palio, 2 days, 3 days or — for a truly unforgettable adventure — the full four-day experience. 

Each day will begin with a guided tour, led by local professionals who will explain the historical and cultural background of the Palio festival. You will witness the selection and preparation of the horses for the race, have exclusive access to the headquarters of various Contrade (districts of Siena), and explore their museums, churches and ancient costumes. As well as immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city, you are invited to Altana di Tiberio for a delicious buffet meal prepared by Paola and/or dinner and aperitivo. Each buffet meal is prepared with high-quality, seasonal ingredients, served with Tuscan wine, and features local Sienese dishes influenced by the culinary traditions of Sardinia, Paola’s homeland. The atmosphere is informal and warm, creating a true sense of being welcomed into a local home.


Day 1: 29 June 

Witness the selection of the horses for the main event and take part in a walking tour to learn about the history of Siena and the Palio race. Experience the thrill of the first trial race in Piazza del Campo, where all ten Contrade compete. End the day with a rich buffet dinner at Altana di Tiberio lovingly prepared by Paola.


Day 2: 30 June 

Watch one of the two horse trials taking place in the Piazza del Campo, followed by guided tours of the city's landmarks off the beaten track. Venture inside the headquarters of some of the Sienese Contrade, churches, and stables to delve deeper into the traditions of the Palio. Enjoy a delightful lunch buffet hosted by Paola at their rooftop Palazzo or opt for an afternoon tour and end the day with a fancy dinner at Altana di Tiberio.


Day 3: 1 July

On the day before the Palio, witness the final trials; the evening race, or Prova Generale (“Grand Rehearsal”), is the moment when the Contrade decides which jockey will take part in the Palio. You can opt for a morning experience with a buffet lunch or join the community in celebrating the Cena della Prova Generale, a grand dinner party held throughout the streets of Siena. Join in the local excitement and savour a delicious meal in this unforgettable setting! 


Day 4: 2 July

The highly anticipated Palio race day arrives! Follow the historical parade through the city and experience the blessing of the horses. Join the procession to the Cathedral and witness the Corteo Storico, a grand and colourful pageant of men and horses. Secure a spot to view the Palio race, either by purchasing tickets or entering the square early.
After the race, enjoy the Palio celebration and have the opportunity to walk with the victorious Contrada to the Duomo. Conclude your day with a magical dinner, La Cena del Dopo Palio, surrounded by joyous songs and illuminated torches unique to Siena.
Schedule details

  • Min. 4 persons — Max. 10 persons
  • 1-4 day experience
  • Available from June to July 
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Enquiries welcome for groups under four — prices may vary
  • Groups of 12 welcome upon request
  • Transport is not included in the price 
Included in the price: A guided city tour with behind-the-scenes access to the participating contrada (districts of Siena), and a buffet dinner with exclusive views from the private palazzo rooftop of a historic Sienese family. Please note that this starting price includes only Day 1 activities; for those seeking to extend their Palio di Siena experience, contact our Concierge for more information about prices for the afternoon/evening experiences with optional dinner on days 2 and 3.

Experience details
Min 4 persons - Max 10 persons.
  • Available from June to July
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • Transport is not included in the price
Included in the price:
A guided city tour with behind-the-scenes access to the participating contrada (districts of Siena), and a buffet dinner with exclusive views from the private palazzo rooftop of a historic Sienese family.
€ 690 for 4 people
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Price List:
Persons € Euro (*) £ Pounds (*) $ Dollars
4 person € 690.00 £ 586.50 $ 752.10
5 person € 862.50 £ 733.13 $ 940.13
6 person € 1,035.00 £ 879.75 $ 1,128.15
7 person € 1,207.50 £ 1,026.38 $ 1,316.18
8 person € 1,380.00 £ 1,173.00 $ 1,504.20
9 person € 1,552.50 £ 1,319.63 $ 1,692.23
10 person € 1,725.00 £ 1,466.25 $ 1,880.25
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Note: Transport is not included in the price.
Or call us on +44 20 7684 8884 to speak with one of our experts

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