The rugged coastline of Cinque Terre is known for its dramatic sea views and picture-perfect, pastel-coloured buildings carved into the cliff side. The country’s smallest national park is an icon of the Italian Riviera, where romantic fishing villages, and grape, olive and lemon groves overlook the Ligurian sea.

Joined by an experienced local guide, you can explore the most fascinating Italian fishing villages, wandering along their breathtaking natural harbours, beaches and charming winding streets. Discover the history of Cinque Terre, make the most of exclusive local insights and stop for a leisurely three-course lunch along the way.

Discover the colourful fishing villages of Cinque Terre by rail

To make your day trip to Cinque Terre as seamless as possible, your private driver will pick you up at your luxury villa in Italy and take you to La Spezia station where you will meet your local tour guide. From here, you and your guide will take the train to the fishing villages of your choice along the coast. The 19th-century railway cut into the cliff is a welcome blessing, making the best of Cinque Terre’s coastal seclusion quick and easy to reach.

Whether you would like to visit all five fishing villages on Le Cinque Terre or dedicate more time to your favourite few, your guide will tailor the experience to you. The first southernmost village of the Le Cinque Terre tour is Riomaggiore, followed by Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Manarola is famous for its sweet Sciacchetrà wine, while Corniglia is the best for 180-degree coast views. Explore photogenic alleys lined with interesting artisanal shops, dip your toes in the crystal clear waters and uncover hidden gems in the local 14th-century churches. 

Stop for a three-course lunch in either Vernazza — by far one of the prettiest of the five villages — or Monterosso, with its long stretch of sandy beach and promenade. Enjoy local seafood delicacies and crisp white wine with stunning sea views, before returning to La Spezia at 4.00pm. 
Schedule details

The Cinque Terre walking tour will start at 10.00am when you and your guests are dropped off in La Spezia to meet your guide. You will then travel by train together to the villages of your choice, stopping in either Vernazza or Monterosso for lunch. The tour will end at 4.00pm when the driver returns to collect you from La Spezia. 

  • Min. 4 persons — Max. 16 persons
  • Full-day
  • Available all year round 
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Enquiries welcome for groups under four — prices may vary
  • Discount for children aged 0-12
  • Advance booking of 1-2 months recommended 
  • Private transfers are mandatory; the transfer cost is dependent on your villa's location and is not included in the initial displayed price
Included in the price: A professional local guide, train travel, guided tours of Cinque Terre villages, and a 3-course lunch in Vernazza or Monterosso.

Experience details
Min 4 persons - Max 16 persons.
  • Full day
  • Available from August to August
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Child friendly
  • Transport is not included in the price
Included in the price:
A professional local guide, train travel, guided tours of Cinque Terre villages, and a 3-course lunch in Vernazza or Monterosso.
€ 680 for 4 people
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Tour category:
Great outdoors
Price List:
Persons € Euro (*) £ Pounds (*) $ Dollars
4 person € 680.00 £ 584.80 $ 734.40
5 person € 850.00 £ 731.00 $ 918.00
6 person € 1,020.00 £ 877.20 $ 1,101.60
7 person € 1,190.00 £ 1,023.40 $ 1,285.20
8 person € 1,360.00 £ 1,169.60 $ 1,468.80
9 person € 1,530.00 £ 1,315.80 $ 1,652.40
9 person € 1,530.00 £ 1,315.80 $ 1,652.40
10 person € 1,700.00 £ 1,462.00 $ 1,836.00
11 person € 1,870.00 £ 1,608.20 $ 2,019.60
12 person € 2,040.00 £ 1,754.40 $ 2,203.20
13 person € 2,210.00 £ 1,900.60 $ 2,386.80
14 person € 2,380.00 £ 2,046.80 $ 2,570.40
15 person € 2,550.00 £ 2,193.00 $ 2,754.00
16 person € 2,720.00 £ 2,339.20 $ 2,937.60
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Note: Transport is not included in the price.
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