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Music is an international language and essential pastime for many people across the world. Melodies can bring people together and lyrics can paint emotions you didn’t even realise you had. 

Live music is special in this sense; entertaining groups of people as well as touching each individual differently. If you’re staying in any of our villas near Siena and want to experience live music in a historic Tuscan setting, here are three of the best live music venues to visit picked by our Italy experts.  

Best live music venues in Siena


Found in the city’s bohemian domain, unTUBO is a 3-minute walk from Piazza del Campo. This intimate wine bar is known for its jazz nights every Friday and Saturday, and occasional blues rock gigs. Whether you’re looking for a new place to jam or are a regular with the friendly bartenders, entry to unTUBO is free to all over the age of 18. 

unTUBO’s stonewalls give you a rustic setting to enjoy the extensive wine list as well as the food it has to offer. The bar is owned by the famous Le Logge restaurant, serving authentic Tuscan and Italian cuisine. unTUBO’s sophisticated ambiance is elevated with the wine cellar open for viewings, making the experience unique and memorable. 

Italian Opera Siena

This list would not be complete without opera. Italy is renowned for being the birthplace of this music genre, having it be a significant part of its culture. There are countless options for an opera show in Tuscany, but Italian Opera Siena offers a breathtaking performance without an extortionate price tag. Full tickets are 20€, with students attending for 15€ and children going for free.

Prepare to be transported back in time as you watch their live shows in the Saint Stefano Alla Lizza auditorium, a Roman Catholic church in the old town of Siena. This Baroque-style building creates a balance between intimacy and grandiosity; its slightly smaller size allows the audience to feel involved in the talented performances. Italian Opera Siena holds weekly concerts and has performed Italian classics such as Madama Butterfly, making this an unforgettable evening out and a great cultural experience.

Cacio & Pere

If you’re looking for more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, Cacio & Pere has got you covered. Located in Rapolano Terme, it’s located just a short drive out of the city centre. Cacio & Pere’s setting truly offers a ‘rockin’ atmosphere with a cavern underneath the ground floor — excuse the pun — which is where their live acts perform. Well-known acts include the GTOs, who began in Perugia during the 90s and have toured Italy and the rest of Europe with their unique folk ‘n’ roll sound.

Cacio & Pere host music events every week, and are known for their great wine selection and gastronomic buffets including pizza, pasta and smaller bites to keep you going all night. Soak up the music with an aperitivo or cocktail, or head into the crowd and dance until sunrise. Entry is 3€ and only 5€ extra for the buffet, making this live music venue a fun and affordable night out. 

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