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Our luxury villa rentals near Venice and Verona offer the ideal base for exploring these two historic cities in northern Italy, as well as the wider Veneto region.

If you are planning a trip to Venice or Verona, read our month-by-month guide for the best times to visit. We’ll give you insider tips on the quietest and busiest months to visit, what weather to expect, as well as our favourite events taking place across Veneto. 

Our month-by-month guide to weather and events in Venice and Verona

Venice & Verona in January 

For the Italians, Christmas celebrations stretch well into the new year with the Feast of the Epiphany on the 6th of January. The Catholic feast day is a national holiday in Italy and marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. Venice — a city particularly partial to elaborate historic processions — holds a regatta to commemorate the day. 

Veneto weather in January 

January is the coldest month across Veneto with daytime highs of 8℃ (46℉) in Venice and 6℃ (42℉) in Verona and nighttime lows of -1℃ (30℉).

Winter is the season of the famous nebbia (“fog”) in Venice when a thick mist erases the city’s reflection and softens its edges. It is also why Venice in January is one of our favourite times to visit. 

Venice sometimes experiences “high water” in the winter months between October and January. This is when lower parts of the city floods. Whilst this is a relatively rare experience, it’s always best to be prepared: read our Guide to Acqua Alta (“high water”) to find out more.

How busy are Venice & Verona in January? 

Unless you are planning to hit the slopes and go skiing in the Dolomites, winter is the low season in Venice and Verona. While Venice is never empty of tourists, January is one of the quietest months to visit both cities. Take advantage of the museums, main landmarks and restaurants in the shoulder season without wrestling with the crowds. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in January? 

Each year, Venetians celebrate the Epiphany with the Regatta del Befana, a single-oared boat race along the Grand Canal from San Tomà to the Rialto Bridge. Men take to the water dressed up as the Befana, an old witch from Italian folklore who delivers gifts to children on the eve of the Epiphany. The rest of the city comes to life with fairs, festivals, concerts and firework displays.  

Italy, Venice. View of Palazzo Grimani (1576) from the Grand Canal

Like everywhere in Italy, the first Sunday of the month is also free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites. It is the perfect time to visit the Accademia, Ca’ d’Oro or Palazzo Grimani

In Verona, entrance to the Civic Museums is reduced to €1 on the first Sunday of each month from October through May. 

Venice & Verona in February

It might still be the low season in Italy, but February is the month of Carnival. This renowned Italian festival draws upon the Christian tradition of treating yourself before Lent begins. The country lights up with colourful parades and grand celebrations, and where better to join the masquerade than in Venice.

Veneto weather in February 

February is one of the coldest months of the year and thanks to the damp air in Venice it's often a cold that you feel deep in your bones. You can expect average daytime highs of 10℃ (50℉) in Venice and 9 ℃ (48℉) in Verona with nighttime lows of 0℃ (32℉). 

How busy are Venice & Verona in February? 

Venice can get very crowded during Carnival, which takes place at the beginning of February. If you can handle Venice while it’s busy, you won’t regret experiencing the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of the city at this time. 


However, if you are looking for peace and quiet then one of our villas closer to Verona or Padua might be a better fit. The wider Veneto region is still very quiet in February. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in February? 

During Carnival in Venice, the city’s many squares and canals come to life with masquerades, balls, fashion shows and parades, which last the entire month. 

Verona also celebrates Carnival, but in a slightly more unique way. The Bacanal del Gnoco is a celebration rooted in the 16th-century and marks the end of a time of famine and devastating floods when charitable Veronese citizens distributed bread, wine, flour and butter to the poor across St Zeno. On the last Friday before Lent, it is still tradition to eat a lunch of homemade gnocchi before venturing out to see the Papà del Gnoco parade through the streets.

On the first Sunday of the month, there is also free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

Venice & Verona in March

It's officially springtime in Italy! The nights are getting shorter, the countryside is blooming and the days are getting warmer. 

Attention all food-lovers — late March through June is the best time to sample local produce across Veneto as well as their beloved bubbly, Prosecco. 

Veneto weather in March

The weather in March is fairly mild, with daytime highs of 14℃ (57℉) in Venice and Verona, and nighttime lows of 4℃ (39℉). The chance of rain versus sunshine is relatively 50/50 so don’t forget to pack an umbrella. 

How busy are Venice & Verona in March?

It is no secret that Venice suffers from over-tourism and sadly, with the end of Carnival at the beginning of March, the crowds will only be on the increase until August. Both cities are popular weekend destinations for romantic getaways, making weekdays a better time to venture into the historic centre from your luxury villa rental. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in March?

From March until June, the Primavera del Prosecco sparkling wine festival takes place along the Prosecco wine road. This is the ideal time to explore the picturesque hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, as well as the medieval hilltowns and villages in the DOCG region. There are countless wine events taking place in the area, including wine tastings and tours, which our award-winning concierge can help you organise. 

On the first Sunday of the month, there is also free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

Venice & Verona in April

Easter in Italy is still an important religious holiday, a time for celebration and for tasting plenty of delicious traditional dishes. 

Along with flowers in bloom, the end of April marks the first harvest of purple artichokes on the island of San Erasmo. If you are looking to sample local dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients, Spring is a great time to visit. 

Veneto weather in April

We wouldn’t recommend taking a dip in the sea off the Lido just yet, but temperatures are on the rise and the sun shines most days. Expect average daytime highs 18℃ (64℉) in Venice and Verona with nighttime lows of  7℃ (44℉).

How busy are Venice & Verona in April

While local Italians escape the city for a long Easter weekend break, tourists descend on Venice and Verona and the historic centres can get very crowded. 

Verona is comparatively quiet for the rest of the month as well and so is the wider Veneto region. Spring is a great time to explore the walking and cycling routes through the countryside relatively undisturbed. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in April

Each April Verona hosts Vinitaly, the prestigious international wine festival. Street food stands are set up and a programme of concerts, wine tastings and talks take place in the city centre. 

April 25th is a national holiday in Italy, but for Venetians, it is also the feast day of St. Mark, a festival celebrating the patron saint of Venice. It is also known as the rose-bud festival and tradition follows that on this day, you give a rose to someone you love. Risi e Bisi (“rice and peas”) is a traditional Venetian dish made to celebrate the occasion, made with peas from Lumignano. 

On the first Sunday of the month, there is also free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

Venice & Verona in May

May is one of the best times to visit Verona and Venice before the peak season takes off. The warm sunny weather is the perfect climate for exploring the neighbouring towns and cities of Padua, Vicenza and Bassano before it gets too hot in the summer months. 

Veneto weather in May

Venice and Verona in May are generally warm and sunny, with daytime highs of 23℃ (73℉) and nighttime lows of 12℃ (53℉). You may even get away with a trip to the beach at Lido or one of the pretty towns on Lake Garda, but pack a light jacket for the early evening when temperatures start to fall. 

How busy are Venice & Verona in May?

May is a good time to visit Venice. It will be busy, but not as crowded as peak season. Enjoy the warm, sunny weather without the large crowds. 

Verona in May is equally beautiful and there’s something particularly romantic about the city at this time of year. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in May? 

In May, the Venice Biennale opens, which alternates between art and architecture exhibitions and runs until November each year. Collateral events take place across the city, making Venice a haven for contemporary art lovers.  

Festa della Sensa (“The Feast of the Ascension”) is a festival that celebrates the marriage between Venice and the sea on May 12th-13th. It marks a tradition that dates back to 1000 AD when the Doge would throw a gold ring into the Adriatic Sea. The historical reenactment is now performed by the city mayor and a special mass is held in the Chiesa di San Nicolò al Lido afterwards. 

The Vicenza Jazz Festival also takes place in mid-May, with concerts and live events hosted at Palladio’s Teatro Olimpico, as well as other venues across the Renaissance city.

Every year in mid-May it’s Night of the Museums across Italy. Museums remain open past midnight, offering free admission or reduced prices. If you miss this chance, don’t forget the first Sunday of the month, when state-owned museums, like the Accademia, and archaeological sites are free to enter.

Venice & Verona in June

Officially summertime in Italy, June is one of the best times for hiking and cycling through Veneto’s natural parks. The weather is warm without being too hot to explore the lush varied landscape and you can enjoy regional parks like the Dolomites before they get busier in July and August. 

Veneto weather in June

Pack your walking boots because June is a great time for exploring outdoors. Expect warm sunny weather, with daytime highs of 27℃ (80℉) and nighttime lows of 16℃ (60℉). 

How busy are Venice & Verona in June?

Summer in Italy is the high season so you should expect crowds in Venice and Verona. However, it isn’t difficult to avoid the masses in either city. Try exploring the outlying islands around Venice and the quieter districts like Dorsoduro; read our Insider’s Guide for our favourite attractions beyond St Mark’s Square.

What’s on in Venice & Verona in June? 

June marks the beginning of the outdoor opera season in Verona. Italy’s largest outdoor opera festival runs from June until September at the Verona Arena. The city’s 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheatre is one of the oldest and best-preserved of its kind, with acoustics suited to the most heart-wrenching arias and gripping symphonies. 

Verona Arena.

To escape the sun, stop by a state-owned museum like the Accademia on the first Sunday of the month for a free visit.

Venice & Verona in July

July in Venice and Verona is one of the hottest and busiest months to visit. Our villas near Venice and Verona are ideally situated for combining action-packed day trips into both historic centres with relaxing afternoons sunbathing by your private pool. 

Ca’ di Lista is situated within its own private wine estate, ideal for a private sommelier-led tasting in your kitchen. Alternatively, why not arrange cooking classes with one of our chefs and learn how to prepare delicious local recipes using the best seasonal produce. 

Veneto weather in July

July is one of the hottest months in Italy, with daytime highs of 30℃ (86℉) and nighttime lows of 19℃ (66℉). Thanks to the light breeze sweeping in off the Adriatic, Venice tends to be cooler than its neighbour Verona, so why not try a day trip to Lido or the Parco Delta Po.

With the outdoor opera season well underway in Verona, leave your sightseeing to the late afternoon or early evening before ending the day with an open-air performance of La Traviata or Aida. 

How busy are Venice & Verona in July?

Summer in Venice and Verona is the high season and July and August are the busiest months of the year. We recommend booking tickets to main attractions like the Castelvecchio and Doges Palace well in advance, as well as tables at your favourite restaurant in Venice and Verona. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in July?

The Festa del Redentore takes place on the third Sunday of July every year. The “Feast of the Redeemer" was originally held to mark the end of the plague in Venice in the 16th-century. 

Andrea Palladio was commissioned to build the church of Il Redentore on Giudecca and nearly 500 years later a temporary pontoon bridge is still built across the Grand Canal in celebration. People process from mainland Venice to Il Redentore before heading to Saint Mark’s Square and the Riva to watch a kaleidoscopic display of fireworks light up the lagoon. 

The celebrations conclude the following day with a gondola race, the Regata Su Gondole. 

July is a great month for exploring the Colli Euganei (“Euganean Hills”) outside Padua. Local fairs and festivals take place in many of the hill-towns and villages here in the summer months.

Venice & Verona in August 

August is peak tourist season in Venice and Verona, but there are still large parts of Veneto that remain relatively undiscovered. While uncrowded destinations are never far from your doorstep, it's still the hottest time of year. This is a great incentive to lounge by your private pool and relish those uninterrupted views across the countryside. 

Veneto weather in August 

August is one of the hottest months of the year in Venice and Verona, with a regular daytime high of 29℃ (84℉) and low of 18℃ (64℉) overnight.

How busy are Venice & Verona in August?

Summer is high season in Venice and Verona so book well in advance at restaurants and museums or ask our award-winning concierge to do this for you. 

Our villas near Venice and Verona are situated outside the main cities of Venice, Verona and Padua, making it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect balance between day trips into these busier historic centres with quiet excursions to our favourite towns and villages. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in August?

Beach on Fire is the world’s largest firework display, which takes place annually in Cavallino Treporti north of Venice. 200,000 visitors flock to this small town each year to witness the Venetian coastline lit up in an array of vibrant colours. 

Each summer, celebrities flock to the Lido for the Venice Film Festival. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world and is organised by La Biennale di Venezia, showcasing a diverse selection of international cinema.

Garda Jazz Festival also takes place in the first week of August, hosting several live outdoor concerts as well as intimate performances in bars and cafes. 

Head to Treviso in early August for the Artigianato Vivo, an artisan festival with craft stalls, local food and entertainment. 

Venice & Verona in September

We love Venice and Verona in September when the summer crowds begin to die down and the weather is still warm and sunny. 

Veneto weather in September

September is one of the best times to explore Venice and Verona, with average daytime highs of 25℃ (77℉) and lows of 14℃ (57℉) overnight. It’s still light jacket and t-shirt weather and the sun shines most days.

How busy are Venice & Verona in September?

Venice can still feel quite busy around the main tourist sights like Saint Mark’s Square, but it is much easier to escape the crowds at this time of year.

What’s on in Venice & Verona in September? 

Venice stages one of the country's most important regattas on the 1st Sunday in September. Regatta Storica is a Venetian tradition that dates back to the 13th-century, celebrating the famed Venetian boatman known as gondolieri. 

Regatta Storica Venice

Burano Regatta is considered a rematch of the Regatta Storica where competitors compete for a second chance at claiming victory. 

The Venice Glass Week also takes place in early September. This international festival celebrates the art of glassmaking in Venice, a craft that dates back to the 13th-century. Exhibitions, demonstrations and guided tours occur across the historic centre and the island of Murano. 

Venice & Verona in October

We adore Venice and Verona in October. The crowds in Venice are beginning to dissipate and the countryside is ablaze with autumnal colours. Grapes and olives around Lake Garda have been harvested and truffle season is fast approaching. Explore the many Palladian villas scattered across the Veneto countryside and visit local wineries at the same time. 

Veneto weather in October

The sun still shines most days in October and while some extra layers might be necessary, it is still far from cold. Expect average daytime highs of 18℃ (77℉) in Venice and Verona, with lows of 10℃ (57℉) overnight.

Some visitors worry about flooding in Venice during the winter months, but Acqua Alta (“High Water”) is a relatively rare occurrence. Sometimes lower parts of the city can flood between October and January, including Piazza San Marco.

How busy are Venice & Verona in October? 

Low season has begun in Venice and Verona. This is the best time to explore the main sites and museums without having to book in advance or wrestle with crowds. These two cities are popular weekend getaways so they can get busy still when Friday arrives. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in October? 

The Venice Biennale hosts a Contemporary Music Festival each October. Why not combine a trip to the Arsenale with an evening concert! If contemporary music isn’t to your taste, you can always book tickets to see an opera or ballet at La Fenice. 

Black truffles grow in abundance in the hills around Verona. Every October a local Truffle Festival is held in the small town of Lumignano, between Vicenza and Padua. 

Don’t forget, on the first Sunday of the month there is free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

Venice & Verona in November

November is another quiet month to visit Venice and Verona. This is a great time to explore Venice’s best museums and churches or plan a trip to the Biennale before it closes. 

Veneto weather in November

November is a magical time to visit Venice, particularly if you are lucky enough to experience the famous nebbia (“fog”) that sweeps in across the Venetian Lagoon. Verona is equally pretty this time of year, with average daytime highs of 12℃ (53℉) and lows of 4℃ (39℉).

How busy are Venice & Verona in November?

Autumn is the low season in Venice and Verona. With the exception of the odd weekend holidaymaker, both cities are relatively quiet. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in November? 

The Festa della Salute takes place on November 21 and is a lower-key version of the Festa del Redentore in July. The feast day marks the end of the second wave of plague that struck Venice in the 17th-century.

A temporary votive bridge is built across the Grand Canal to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and people process to the church to light a candle and attend mass which is held every hour from 6:00am to 9:00pm. Stalls selling sweets and typical Venetian dishes are set up outside, which is one of our favourite highlights in Venice in November. 

Get ready for the holidays with a visit to Verona's Christmas markets, open from mid-November to December.

Venice & Verona in December

December is a quiet month when the historic centres of Venice and Verona are lit up with Christmas lights. Saint Mark’s Square is particularly festive and a large tree is erected in front of the Basilica. Make the most of the joyful atmosphere with a warming cup of mulled wine and a slice of Panettone.

Veneto weather in December 

Temperatures plummet in Venice and Verona towards the end of November, making December one of the coldest months to visit. Expect average daytime highs of 8℃ (46℉) and lows of -1℃ (30℉).

How busy are Venice & Verona in December?

While December is the low season across Italy, Christmas break is a popular time for people to visit Venice. We can see why too, with the centre lit up with festive lights, it is a beautiful time of year to experience the city. 

What’s on in Venice & Verona in December? 

December 8th is a national holiday in Italy celebrating the Immaculate Conception, the miraculous pregnancy of the Virgin Mary. On this day, religious services and celebrations happen across Italy but be aware, many places close for the holiday. 

San Nicolò is the patron saint of glassblowers and each December the Festa di San Nicolò is held on the island of Murano in his honour. Much like Glass Week in Venice, artisans open their workshop doors and showcase their work. 

Like everywhere in Italy, on the first Sunday of the month there is free admission to state-owned museums and archaeological sites.

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