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What to do this weekend 09.07.20

Eat and drink you way around the world from the comfort of your own home, learn wine tasting drinking the finest Chianti wines from the Corsini Estate

Virtual Cookery Classes To Sink Your Teeth Into

Fancy improving your cooking skills while on lockdown? TTG rounds up online cookery demonstrations and videos from hotels and tourist boards that will help you become a budding chef.

The Ultimate Armchair Travel Guide

Armchair travel tips from Beverley Fearis

The best of Italy

7 Star life pulling inspiration from Tuscany Now and Mores live Instagram feed and sharing two of our recipes, Gnudi and Negroni.

When and where can I book a villa holiday this year?

The Telegraph offers advice on where and when to book your vacation with advice from own very own Simon Ball

Una villa in vacanza con Tuscany Now & More

Viaggi lontani, mete esotiche e tanti aerei, arrivederci se no addio. Quest’ estate trascorreremo una villeggiatura lavorative, con lunghi affitti in grandi case e gruppi affiatati per condividere le spesi. Ma occhio al Wi-Fi.

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Searching for your villa