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7 Star life pulling inspiration from Tuscany Now and Mores live Instagram feed and sharing two of our recipes, Gnudi and Negroni.

When and where can I book a villa holiday this year?

The Telegraph offers advice on where and when to book your vacation with advice from own very own Simon Ball

Una villa in vacanza con Tuscany Now & More

Distant journeys, exotic destinations and many planes, goodbye if not goodbye. This summer we will spend a working holiday, with long rentals in big houses and close-knit groups to share expenses. But watch out for Wi-Fi.

Explore Italy during lockdown with Tuscany Now & More

Savour the delights of Tuscany with live cookery and wine-tasting classes on Tuscany Now & More's Instagram account.

Travel to enjoy from your armchair-TuscanyNow & More bringing travel to you

Transport Tuscany to Your Kitchen With Live Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting with Tuscany Now and More

Celebrate World Cocktail Day with Tuscany Now & More

Now is the chance to hone those cocktail making skills, with Tuscany Now & More’s exclusive cocktail, Renaissance, by Florentine mastermind Julian Biondi.

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Searching for your villa