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Tuscany: Book recommendations from Jasmine Boni-Ball, Tuscany Now & More

Escape to the Italian Countryside with Jasmine’s favourite, ’Under the Tuscan Sun’ by Frances Mayes

Go to cookery school with Tuscany Now & More

Hotels and experts worldwide are streaming virtual cooking classes, wine tastings, and more. Discover the cuisine of Italy with Tuscany Now & More.

How to Celebrate World Cocktail Day – Cocktail Recipes with Tuscany Now & More

Celebrate World Cocktail Day with Tuscany Now & More, and discover their exclusive cocktail, Renaissance, created by Julian Biondi.

When and why should I book a villa holiday this year in Italy with Tuscany Now & More

When lockdown restrictions begin to lift, and travel between countries is allowed again, it should hardly come as a surprise that villas in Italy may be a popular option for those that wish to have a holiday abroad.

World Cocktail Day with Tuscany Now & More

Fancy yourself a bit of a mixologist? Now is the chance to learn a new skill during lockdown with Tuscany Now & More.

Virtual travelling with Tuscany Now & More

Stick the kettle on, find a cosy corner and let yourself daydream of faraway places with Tuscany Now & More.

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