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Explore Authentic Tuscany

Mary Noe explores Italy and gives us her top 10 things to do including stay at one of our villas.

Things to do in Italy in November

November is a great time of year to visit Tuscany. This is an important time for farmers, foragers and hunters too with the wild boar season beginning promptly at the start of the month and the massive olive harvest and pressing operation getting underway.

Room with a Cru with Prince Corsini and Villa Gugliaie

“Rooms with a cru”: the Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine loves puns and fine-wine tourism in Tuscany, recommending tastings and cookery classes at our luxe Villa Gugliaie.

An italian affair at Casa del Colle

Writer Romy Van Den Broeke wanders through the Tuscan landscape, and discovers the architecturally beautiful town of Lucca and the Renaissance city of Florence

Villa Poggi bucolic and winsome

Thea Lewis Yates takes us through her relaxing stay at I Poggi. Set among the rolling hills of Italy’s Maremma region in southern Tuscany, it's unaffected, romantic, and quintessentially Italian.

Look to Rosso Fiorentino for your perfect holiday guide

The UK's Telegraph picks its perfect villas holidays, among them our own Rosso Fiorentino near San Gimignano.
Searching for your villa