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The Ultimate Armchair Travel Guide

Armchair travel tips from Beverley Fearis
Villa: The Estate of Petroio

The best of Italy

7 Star life pulling inspiration from Tuscany Now and Mores live Instagram feed and sharing two of our recipes, Gnudi and Negroni.

When and where can I book a villa holiday this year?

The Telegraph offers advice on where and when to book your vacation with advice from own very own Simon Ball
Villa: The Estate of Petroio

Una villa in vacanza con Tuscany Now & More

Viaggi lontani, mete esotiche e tanti aerei, arrivederci se no addio. Quest’ estate trascorreremo una villeggiatura lavorative, con lunghi affitti in grandi case e gruppi affiatati per condividere le spesi. Ma occhio al Wi-Fi.

Explore Italy during lockdown with Tuscany Now & More

Savour the delights of Tuscany with live cookery and wine-tasting classes on Tuscany Now & More's Instagram account.
Villa: The Estate of Petroio

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Transport Tuscany to Your Kitchen With Live Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting with Tuscany Now and More