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Villa: La Villa di Petroio

Scarlet Fever: Autumn Photoshoot at Villa Di Petroio

Check out Helen McArdle's photoshoot of beautiful Autumn shades of red, taken for the Independent with photographs taken at our own Villa Di Petroio.
Villa: La Tegolaia

Weekend Breaks: La Tegolaia

Staying at Tuscany Now’s La Tegolaia villa close to the village of Pelago. Discover hand-picked villas and destinations in Tuscany and Italy through Tuscany Now and More.
Villa: Il Cortile Pratolino

Special places to visit

A large and beautiful 18th century farmhouse, the recently restored Il Cortile is set within more than two hundred acres of private land on the slopes of the Monti del Chianti.
Villa: Villa De Lanfranchi

A feast for the senses

A captivating villa in the Tuscan countryside offers the perfect location to explore the cities of Lucca and Pisa and enjoy some lakeside Puccini.